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Best Nursing Academy in Himachal Pradesh (HP)

Best Nursing Academy in Himachal Pradesh (HP)- Mannat Academy

India’s No. 1 leading Best Nursing Academy in Himachal Pradesh HP named as Mannat Nursing Academy launched the branch at Distt. Mandi(Ner Chowk) at Himachal Pardesh. The Demand for professionally trained personnel in the large & ever expanding field of Nursing Officers has transcended geographical boundaries.

Its demand is now increasingly felt far from remote villages to the distant leading developed countries as well.

It is in this context that Mannat Nursing Academy for the coaching of AIIMS/PGIMER Nursing Officer, Himachal Pradesh for the preceding several years.

With a team of dedicated and experienced faculty members, has been imparting a standard training program in useful Nursing Officer Sector. In a congenial academic environment aiming at cultivating excellence in the participant trainees & placing their excellence towards the services of the community & the nation.

I would like to extend my best wishes to the students joining coaching for AIIMS/PGIMER/DSSSB/MNS and other courses here. I congratulate them on their choice & decision and can only assure that a certain bright and prosperous future awaits them tomorrow. Our Academy motive only and only to provide the best quality of Nursing Education.

Best Nursing Academy in HP |
Best Nursing Academy in HP |

Mission of the Best Nursing Academy in Himachal Pradesh (HP)

Given the interesting times, Best Nursing Academy in Himachal Pradesh (HP) “Mannat Nursing Academy” facilities will look different. We will work together to maintain health and safety standards, while sustaining the academic excellence & personalized attention that is synonymous with a Mannat Nursing Academy.

Brief Photos, which can be viewed in this Post, will quickly help you become familiar with health and safety guidelines in effect when returning to Mannat Nursing Academy campus.

This year is a grand opportunity. Mannat Nursing Academy provides the space for students to reach, to strive, to push themselves beyond their limits, and to do so in an environment which is supportive of that risk-taking.

Mannat Nursing Academy in Himachal Pradesh (HP) provides the space for quiet children to try to be talkative, and for gregarious children to learn some reserve.

It gives kids who think they love science a chance to explore poetry and musicians the exciting introduction they need to Calculus. Here, children can be who they want to try to become, and in the processes of creativity, research, invention, and reinvention, find their authentic selves.

Let us take the 2020-21 year and make it formative for ourselves, for our families, and for our community. Welcome to the new batch at The Mannat Nursing Academy HP !

  • Dedicate our mission on a healthy & prosperous India.
  • Make the best Nursing officers in India.
  • Educate people & to help build up a strong line of competent work force to meet effectively the challenges to modern health needs.
  • Create opportunities to lead a life of dignity & self-respect.
  • Ensure satisfactory livelihood opportunities for the youths & needy masses.
  • We provide the best quality of Nursing education.
  • Create the completion in nursing field.

Aim & Objective :

All Mannat Nursing Academy Branches, with the exception of White Plains, will run a combination of offline and hybrid courses (AIIMS/PGIMER/HPSSB etc.) for the fall 2020 semester.

Many students have opted to take all of their courses remotely. Your personal choices allow this flexible approach to provide an optimal environment for learning. Every year mannat nursing academy conduct the scholarship test also.

Scholarship test motive only and only to encouragement to nursing student and financial support.

Building on some great successes last year, students are signing up for Leadership Councils. The Honor Code re-drafting, the Backpack Drive, and the Walking the Talk for Racial Justice Conference were just a few of the programs, that Councils oversaw last year.

These Councils remain the moral backbone of our school and provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills while advancing causes which are personal and important to them. We cannot wait to see what they do this batch!

  • Motivation for continued up gradation of skills and respect for one’s capabilities.
  • To provide training in Health & Professional Education in most update & appropriate form.
  • Extend the quality teaching, counseling and proper career advice to students.
  • Encourage, Promote and assist youth efforts for creation of employment opportunities and self-reliance.
  • Empowerment of individuals and integration of womenfolk to the main stream of the nation.
  • Work for satisfactory sanitation work in the rural & remote areas.
  • Organize the health awareness campaign in the rural areas.
  • To provide Technical consultancy services and skilled man-power support to the Health Sector & Public organizations.

Academic and Campus Life Resources

Each Batch, I announce a theme that will guide the academic year. Year 2020-2021 theme is “Target AIIMS Bilaspur (HP) Nursing Officer.” I encourage you to think about how you will move forward every day towards earning your certificate or degree and reach the graduation stage.

As you start a new academic year, take advantage of the many services available to help you achieve your full potential – on site or online.

Center for Academic Success offers programs to keep you on the road to graduation & professional success. These tutoring and workshops on improving time management, note-taking and test preparation.

Through the Library, gain access to online academic resources. Career Services is a gateway to online job preparation and virtual internships. Student Development and Campus Life (SDCL) invites you to Be Engaged! Through clubs and volunteerism. SDCL also offers personal counseling and other wellness resources, which are more important than ever.

Your success is central to our mission at Best Nursing Academy in HP (Mannat Nursing Academy).

Any time you have questions or feel unsure how to proceed in your academic journey. please reach out to us immediately.

Mannat Nursing Academy is here to support you every step of the way in your journey to the graduation stage.

We are looking forward to everyone having a great and healthy year!

Head Office: SCO 112-113, 4th floor

Sector 34-A, Chandigarh

Contact No: 9592682437, 9816275484