Mannat Nursing Academy HP

Mannat Nursing Academy HP

How Mannat Nursing Academy HP Work:

In the journey of achieving excellence, students are active partners.  Mannat Nursing Academy HP will impact your life forever. In many ways this is a day of beginning and I want first to thank His Excellency the Director sir for having agreed to lead us into the challenges ahead. Today this is the beginning, the birth, of a new Nursing Academy in HP State named as Mannat Nursing Academy. It is also the first step in the existence of an academy & I hope this day will also be the dawn of a new dimension for the profession of nursing in Himachal.

Managing Director Sir has distinguished himself by him pioneering work of establishing the first Nursing Academy in the Chandigarh. He started the Coaching for AIIMS, PGIMER Nursing Officer, BSC, MSC, (Nursing), MNS, BFUHS, JIPMER programs in 2018.  Mannat Nursing Academy director Mr. Sanjeev Kumar gave the Oration on “Trends in Nursing Education and the Future of Nursing in India”.

Mannat Nursing Academy HP
Mannat Nursing Academy HP

Study Centre of Mannat Nursing Academy HP

Mannat Nursing Academy HP represents more than 5 branches in Himachal Pradesh. After the great success in Chandigarh, with the demand of parents and Nursing Students we launched the Study Centre at HP in different district. Firstly we started at district Mandi ( Ner Chowk), Secondly at Capital of HP Shimla (Bhattakuffer), third at Distt. Kangra (Education Hub) and Fourth at Jammu & Kashmir. Three years from now, it will be the established all over India. We provide the best quality of nursing education.

The importance attached to the expansion of the right kind of medical services in developing countries cannot be over-emphasized. Health care holds a high priority in plans for the future. Although considerable progress has been made towards eradicating the widespread disease that has afflicted our peoples for generations, there is still a long and arduous road ahead. Apart from the fundamental aim of alleviating suffering, a healthy population is vital for a country’s development to proceed with one of its most valuable resources — the human element — playing its role to the full.

He introduced the topic with history and status of nursing education in India. When they spoke about Nursing in modern times and its changing status. They outlined the trends in nursing education by discussing about various aspects like expansion and globalization of education, standardization of education, greater flexibility in the higher education sector, privatization of higher education, quality orientation, increased demand for advanced educational preparation, focus on student centered education, shared competencies, changes in technologies of instruction and lifelong learning. She closed the oration with thought on options for action and future of Nursing in India.

The future of nursing

Nursing is one of the most versatile occupations within the health care workforce. In the 150 years since Florence Nightingale developed and promoted the concept of an educated workforce of caregivers for the sick, modern nursing has reinvented itself a number of times as health care has advanced and changed (Lynaugh, 2008). As a result of the nursing profession’s versatility and adaptive capacity, new career pathways for nurses have evolved, attracting a larger and more broadly talented applicant pool and leading to expanded scopes of practice and responsibilities for nurses. Nurses have been an enabling force for change in health care along many dimensions. Among the many innovations that a versatile, adaptive, and well-educated nursing profession have helped make possible are

  • the evolution of the high-technology hospital;
  • the possibility for physicians to combine office and hospital practice;
  • lengths of hospital stay that are among the shortest in the world;
  • reductions in the work hours of resident physicians to improve patient safety;
  • expansion of national primary care capacity;
  • improved access to care for the poor and for rural residents;
  • respite and palliative care, including hospice;
  • care coordination for chronically ill and elderly people; and
  • Greater access to specialty care and focused consultation that complement the care of physicians and other providers.

Aim of Nursing Academy

The question of how precisely Nursing Academy can contribute towards primary health care and the World Health Organization’s objective of health for all by the year 2000 is now being debated at an official level in a number of countries. There are several programs in operation which we intend to visit to gain the benefit of their experience. We have consulted with the government of India which is equally concerned to develop an integrated link between medical services throughout the national health system. We trained the nursing students for crack the entrance exam like AIIMS, PGIMER and other research entrance exam. Maximum intelligent students can’t come so far for higher education/Entrance exam coaching . So director sir took a decision to launch our study centre at different district of himachal pardesh called as Mannat Nursing Academy HP mission.

We will assist in identifying the prevalence of certain diseases and in monitoring the methods for combating them. They will work in health centres, and will encourage the introduction and, above all, the maintenance of clean water and sanitation schemes. The will then return to this institution, having made a small contribution towards the relief of suffering, and with knowledge and experience which will help to shape their remaining period of study. Later as qualified doctors and nurses, we sincerely hope that they will go back to instruct others in these rural areas using accommodation and equipment designed for the task and provided by us. Is this the only means whereby hospitals can be linked with primary health care facilities? Certainly not. By the end of the conference, we expect to discover many more, and also to know some of the pitfalls which must be avoided.

Free Coaching for Poor Students

The Mannat Nursing Academy’s primary mission is to raise the standards and standing of the profession itself. So that it is accorded the recognition and prestige earned and deserved by the women whose working lives are dedicated to the demanding and honourable task of caring for the sick. We are confident that the nurses in our hospital will be rewarded with respect, appreciation and remuneration that their integrity and loyal commitment justify. The key note to the nursing academy philosophy is excellence.

When we visit in Himachal, Punjab, Haryana and others state then we feel in interior area there is lack of awareness. Some parents are not able to pay the fee for education. Students are interested to teach higher education but he is helpless due to their financial problem. Some of girls are interested to go other states for higher education but their parents doesn.t allow to go far then they are also helpless. Then we conclude that it’s better to establish our branch at interior area of HP and other states. Secondly we will not demand fee for poor students belongs to IRDP, EWS and other reasons. Even that we conduct scholarship test for all nursing students “Perform your talent and get the Scholarship Prize”

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