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Military Nursing Services Nursing Career

Military Nursing Services Nursing Career

Mannat Nursing Academy Chandigarh Prepare the Medical students for Military Nursing services (Nursing) Course. Joining the Army gives an opportunity for nurses to serve their country and support military families and their communities, both at home and on overseas deployment.We also enjoy a variety of job and financial benefits, making it an attractive alternative to civilian nursing if you are tempted by the military life. Some join an already established career in nursing, while others join the Preparation Corps of Reserve Officers as students before getting a degree from nursing college.

Nurses in the Military Nursing Services Nursing Career may have better promotion chances than they do in civilian life.In as few as three or four years, staff nurses can become head nurses. The working environment for nurses in the army may also offer opportunities different from civilian workplaces. When working in military facilities, nurses may have a better nurse-to-patient ratio. We can use more advanced equipment and techniques than those used in the private sector.

Military Nursing Services Nursing Career |
Military Nursing Services Nursing Career

Salary Benefit in Army

lowest officer rank of O-1 with less than two years of service receives a Rs. 37,292.40 annual basic army nursing salary. Initial basic wages may be lower than in civil life. As of May 2017, the average annual nursing salary for civilian nurses was Rs. 70,000 with Rs 48,690 earning the lowest 10 percent. Army nurses, however, receive merit-based promotions and can easily step up the pay scale.

Employees also earn subsidies to raise basic incomes. The potential financial gain beyond the basic salary is one of the most appealing military nurse benefits. Nurses will qualify for a Rs. 30,000 sign-on bonus.Nurses with BSN, MSN, DNSc or Ph. D in nursing may earn up to Rs. 50,000 in special compensation incentives; licensed registered nurse anesthetists may also earn up to Rs. 15,000 a year for three years. Many nurses qualify for the loan repayment plan of the Army.This incentive gives you up to Rs. 120,000, spread over three years, to repay student loans. Even a nurse in the Army Reserve may be eligible for loan repayment of up to Rs. 50,000 over three years.

  • Pension benefit
  • TA/DA benefit
  • CDS Benefit

Overall Military Nursing Services Nursing Career is the best job in India. Mannat Nursing Academy Assure the student for sure selection in Army. To know the procedure for join Military Nursing Services Nursing Career, Visit our website:

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