Nurses Play an Important Role in Hospital

Nurses Play an Important Role in Hospital

Nurses Play an Important Role in Hospital |
Nurses Play an Important Role in Hospital

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MNA Team make a survey in different hospitals and talked with Nurses, Doctors and other staff members related with their work . Being a nurse may not be one of the easiest jobs in the world, but it’s certainly one of the most rewarding. While doctors manage symptoms and diseases, nurses focus on the emotional well-being of the patient. Nurses Play an Important Role in Hospital. Nurses go above and beyond to provide dignity, respect, and compassion to those in need. There a very importance of nurse in every hospital. A doctor is nothing without a Nurse. If the duty of doctor is examine the disease of patient then same as look after for her medicine also the duty of a Nurse so both play equal role in hospital.

Any hospital will never be healthy for patients if it’s not a healthy environment for nurses, where their voices are heard and where they can care for their patients and use the full extent of their knowledge, abilities, and skills. After all, hospitals today have become one big intensive care unit: all patients need intensive caring. Nurse are the Backbone of every healthy hospital.

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Four impressionable years spent in a number of very different hospitals convinced once for all that nursing, if it is to be done efficiently, requires, more than any other occupation, abundant leisure in colorful surroundings, sufficient money to spend on amusements, agreeable food to re-establish the energy expended, and the removal of anxiety about illness and old age; yet of all skilled professions, it is still the least vitalized by these advantages, still the most oppressed by unnecessary worries, cruelties, hardships and regulations. All the Nurses Play an Important Role in Hospital.

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