Role of Nurse in Operation Theatre

Role of Nurse in Operation Theatre

Role of Nurse in Operation Theatre

Role of Nurse in Operation Theatre |
Role of Nurse in Operation Theatre

Theatre Nurses are nurses whose primary focus is on operations & surgeries. But a theatre nurse can still have various specializations, such as orthopedics, ophthalmology, obstetrics, cosmetic, and other fields that require operations. The theatre nurse works closely with the operating team. Because of this, the nature of the theatre nurse’s job is very complicated. Role of Nurse in Operation Theatre before, during, and even after the operation. Theatre Nurses have two major roles. They can either be a scrub nurse or a circulation nurse. Scrub nurses should focus on two main things. One is the patient, and the other is the equipment. The scrub nurse is expected to pass equipment to the surgeon as requested.

This may seem like an easy task, but scrub nurses also pass as experts just to complete this task. They should be very knowledgeable about every single piece of equipment, and should never mistake one for another. Though they would not be using the equipment themselves, theatre nurses should also know the uses of each piece of equipment, which will help them respond calmly and immediately to the surgeon’s request. They should also be quick to respond and should always be alert in case the surgeon asks for something. It is also the scrub nurse’s responsibility to account for all the pieces of equipment, especially after the operation.

A theatre nurse can also handle anaesthetic duties

The role of the scrub nurse in operations is very big. Aside from the scrub nurse, a theatre nurse can also be called a circulation nurse. The main Role of Nurse in Operation Theatre circulation nurse is to fetch and open packs that need to be used. Again, this may sound like an easy task, but it needs proper discipline and expertise as well. Most of the time, the packs that need to be opened contain sensitive contents that should remain sterile and immaculate. The circulating nurse should make sure that the operating room is not contaminated in any way.


Aside from that, the theatre nurse is responsible for the well-being of the surgical patient. This is when the nurse takes on an out-patient, recovery, or ward role. A patient who has undergone surgery or operation may have different needs than that of an ordinary patient, so theatre nurses would have to check on the patients who have just undergone surgery and ensure that the patient is doing well. It is also their duty to ensure that all further treatments needed for the full recovery of the patient are carried out. They can also be trained to provide post-operative consultation because they will be the one who will maintain close contact with the patient during recovery.

Theatre nurses who have had experience already can move on to a higher level. A theatre nurse can move up and become a Senior Theatre Nurse. They can also be asked to train, teach, and supervise new staff. Nurses are also often offered flexible hours. Although at first, the theatre nurse’s job may seem simple, it is actually very intricate. This is why the application for theatre nurses can be quite strict. Indeed, a theatre nurse job is one of the most privileged nursing jobs around. There is an important role of nurse in operation theatre.

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