Special Target Batch PGIMER

Special Target Batch PGIMER

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Special Target Batch PGIMER

With the request of a lot of students and parents, Mannat Nursing Academy Chandigarh start the Special Target Batch PGIMER. This batch motive to revision of syllabus and told to students how to crack the entrance exam. Our renowned faculty from Kota (Rajasthan) give some tips and tricks to all nursing students.

Prepare For Entrance Exams:

  • Create a practical study plan
  • Use fewer books for theory
  • Plan your exam strategy
  • Train your mind for the exam
  • Practice previous year papers
  • Use our cheat-sheet to revise formulas
  • Use method of elimination
  • Learn all the shortcuts
  • Stay Physically and Mentally Balanced
Special Target Batch PGIMER, Special Target Batch PGIMER
Special Target Batch PGIMER










It is the golden opportunity for nursing students to crack the entrance exam. Our renowned faculty has at least 10 year teaching experience in Nursing Coaching.

Know your strength and weakness

Everyone has specific strengths and everyone has specific weaknesses. It’s pretty certain that if you are not clear on your weaknesses then you are not clear on your strengths either. Playing to your strengths and sailing through the weaknesses is the best exam strategy you can bet on. If the students determination has strong than definitely he/she will achieve the goal.

Read the questions cautiously

Examiners try to trap students by playing around with the question and options. So read the question carefully to understand what is required and see the options with great concentration. Watch out for the questions which are designed to have more than one correct answer and you are supposed to choose the option with multiple correct answers.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

Finally, there is no substitute for practice. 70% of exam preparation is practice. Use this time very effectively by using our platform which can help you plan, save time and improve accuracy. Our students have improved 25% accuracy and saved 30% time by completing goals on our platform.

Hello Nursing students it is heartily announced that Mannat Nursing Academy Chandigarh start Special Target Batch PGIMER so interested candidate can also join this course


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