Winner : Mannat Nursing Academy |

Winner : Mannat Nursing Academy

Winner : Mannat Nursing Academy

It is very heartily announced that Mannat Nursing Academy Once again fulfill his commitment with students. After a Great  success of Community Health Officer ( CHO ) Punjab, today 4 students from Mannat Nursing Academy got selection in GMCH-32 hospital. Once again Winner : Mannat Nursing Academy renowned this name in tri-city.

Winner : Mannat Nursing Academy |
Winner : Mannat Nursing Academy

A leading Nursing Academy

Nowadays Mannat Nursing Academy proving them self by the success result. This Academy gives the 8 successful results in 4 months. Today the Director sir announced that Their next target is Maximum Selection in PGIMER / HPSSC. They told the students the Mannat Nursing Academy is always with Students for bright future . Mannat Nursing Academy will prove that it is the India’s No.1 leading Academy . All the students from Himachal, Punjab and Haryana are joining to Mannat Nursing Academy .

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Hello Nursing Students today Winner : Mannat Nursing Academy prove that they provide the quality of Education. for More info visit us on our website or write us by email

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